Mookie Betts, Staying or Leaving?

Gabrielle Waslewski , Writer

Mookie Betts, one of the many beloved faces of the Boston Red Sox, may have just played his last game in a Red Sox uniform following the final game of the season in a 5-4 win against the Baltimore Orioles. 

The 27-year old right-fielder is signed through the 2019 season making $20 million and is eligible for arbitration starting in 2020. However, the earliest that he is eligible for free agency is in 2021. Principal Owner John Henry and club Chairman Tom Werner recently announced the club’s goal of going below the $208 million dollar payroll for the 2020 season -meaning they would need to remove about $40.6 million dollars in contracts. 

Next season, Betts will probably be making around $30 million if he decides to move to a new team. Whereas if he continues with the Red Sox for his final year of arbitration, he will be making much less. 

Franklin High School Junior, Lexi Lupien, believes that the team would definitely endure many hardships with the loss of the dedicated right fielder and one less power bat.

“I think the team would suffer greatly because he is such a well-rounded player and knows how to work with the team really well,” said Lupien She also added: “He is a huge contributor to many Red Sox wins.” 

Obviously leaving Boston would mean a new team for Betts, and there are many possible situations for his talent but the Philadelphia Phillies, the Atlanta Braves and the Cleveland Indians, are all teams in need of that one player that can push them into playoff contention. 

Betts is not only a major asset on the field but is also a huge leader in the clubhouse. Lupien believes that the mood in the clubhouse would also be altered if Betts is to leave the team. 

“If Mookie leaves I think the team would have a different mood about them and would need to find a new replacement quickly so they can start bonding and having a more successful season than last year, ” she said.

Betts is dedicated, hardworking, funny and humble -just a few of his personality traits. That would all be missed if, in fact, he is away from the team next year.