Professional Sports Now Affected by Coronavirus

Elise Ravech, Writer

At this point the Coronavirus is not only impacting our daily lives but also the ones of professional athletes. All national sports that are in season have been put at an abrupt halt do to the everlasting COVID-19.

Currently the MLB (Major League Baseball) has suspended all spring training and opening day by two weeks. The new expected opening day is now supposed to be on April 9th, originally March 26th. Baseball was the last of the major sports to put their season on pause. A player from the Minor League Yankees, who’s name has not officially been released has tested positive and is currently in quarantine.

Next the NHL (National Hockey League) has suspended their season entirely, with no date as to when the games will start back up. The league says they would have much rather played “ghost games”, where there are no fans, instead of putting their season on pause. One even said, the playoff’s might be postponed because who knows if this virus will subside by June.

Most Importantly, the NBA (National Basketball Association) has had three of their players test positive for the Coronavirus. The first two were from the Utah Jazz, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell. The third player being Christian Woods from the Detroit Pistons. The NBA realized it was too much of a risk to have their fans and other teams being exposed to where the virus has been from these three players, hence the fact that they decided to cancel their season as well.

Also, the MLS (Major League Soccer) has suspended their season for at least 30 days and hope to reschedule their missed games until after the virus has calmed down and it is safe for them to be played. As of today’s date none of the MLS players have tested positive.

The cancelation is very unfortunate for the thousands of fans who were watching the games and also the ones who had tickets to the games. However, it is important to remember that they did this to not only protect the fans but all players as well.