What does Corona Mean for FHS Athletics?


The girls varsity basketball team being named Division 1 Central Champions. (photo from @fhsgvbasketball Twitter)

Gretchen Scotland, Writer

As most of the world knows, Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is dramatically changing the way we will live our lives in the coming weeks, maybe months. In Massachusetts, from all schools being closed down until April 7th, to gatherings of over 25 people being banned, to all restaurants turning to take-out only, the world around us is being altered overnight. But how has the disease impacted Franklin High School athletics?

First of all, two very important championship games for the winter sports season were canceled; not postponed, canceled. The Franklin varsity girls basketball team (seen on the right) claims the titles of Comcast Tourney Champions, Hockomock Kelley-

The basketball girls at what would be their last game of the 2020 season. (photo from @fhsgvbasketball Twitter)

Rex Champions, #1 seed in Central, Sectional Champions, and Division 1 State Co-Champions, along with having an UNDEFEATED season. Their championship game against Foxborough to determine the Divison 1 State Champion, originally scheduled for Saturday, March 14th, was canceled due to the Coronavirus. The game will not be made up and the girls are now co-champions with Foxborough.

The varsity cheer team claiming the title of Regional Champions. (photo from @FHScheer_ Twitter)

The Franklin varsity cheer team (also seen to the right) is Hockomock Champions and Regional Champions. Their state competition for Sunday, March 15th, was also canceled thanks to the widespread disease. Again, their competition will not be rescheduled. All of the hard work that these teams have put into their seasons is impressive and admirable and it is heartbreaking that they had to end this way.




All winter athletic banquets to close the seasons that were supposed to be held prior to March 30th (most likely April 7th now) will be postponed accordingly.

What about spring sports? Tryouts were originally supposed to begin the week of March 15th, then they were postponed to the 30th. However, with students and faculty not being back in school until at least April 8th, the date will now be April 27th. The same thing occurs with Unified Track and Strength & Conditioning; they were recently postponed to April 6th, but will now also be postponed to a later date. Full seasons of these sports still plan to be completed by June 20th, or possibly the 21st. A new update will be posted by the MIAA on March 25th.