Upcoming Softball Tryouts

Upcoming Softball Tryouts

Ciara McQuade, Writer

As the weather here in Franklin starts to get warmer it means that Spring is on its way, and with it, comes spring sports. For girls, one popular sport is Softball. There are no dates for tryouts yet due to the postponing of Spring Sports.

The coaches are Katie Hallbrook, who is the new varsity coach this year, and Marcie Maddison who is the coach for the Freshmen team. The JV coach is unknown right now.

Apparently softball tryouts can get very intense and competitive. Not very many people are cut because there are not a ton of people who play softball, but that does not limit the competition as girls are trying to make the varsity team. 

Hannah Cacciapaglia, a Junior who plays softball, said that there has been a lot of toxicity in the past and that 9th graders who are trying out for the first time should use this year as a breath of fresh air to just have fun and play softball. Hannah also said that she hopes to make the varsity team and to have fun playing the sport.

We’re all looking forward to the beginning of the spring sports season, and will be sure to update you with new information about the season as it becomes available.