Dancing Through Quarantine

Audrey Tiomkin, Writer

During quarantine, it’s easy to lose sight of our passions in the midst of closures and cancellations, unless you’re a dancer. Do not worry, dancers, you can still perfect your flexibility, strength, and technique at home through various ways. 

There are tons of resources online that can give you the best at-home dance experience as possible. From live classes, to videos, and tips and tricks, dancers can feel as close to the studio as possible even during quarantine. 

On YouTube, you can practice from channels such as “Sleek Technique”, and “Lazy Dancer Tips”. These channels offer ballet barre workouts, quarantine meals, strength and flexibility exercises, combo classes, and more! 

And to improve flexibility in the mind and body, yoga is great for dancers. For more details, check out Millie Chalk’s at-home yoga article. 

Also, a great place to take online classes is CLI Studios through their #Keepdancing campaign. CLI Studios has a live community class series where professional choreographers bring daily master classes right to your home! This resource is great for all dancers because they offer a variety of styles and strengths.

But if videos aren’t your thing, grab your earbuds, play your favorite songs, and choreograph your own routines! Or, create your own ballet barre combinations. 

And for tap dancers who want to practice at home, you can make your own wood floor. Simply saw a piece of plywood into the desired size, sand it, and voilà, you have your own floor to tap on!

Staying active and perfecting your craft is so important for all athletes, especially for dancers. Dance is also a great outlet during such trying times.