Top 10 Fitness Activities for Quarantine

Tess Bower, Writer

Are you looking for fitness ideas for quarantine? Look no further, here are Pantherbook’s top 10 fitness activities for quarantine!

#1: Chloe Ting Workout program 

Chloe Ting is a fitness influencer and posts free workouts on her blog. These workouts contain a series of videos that focus on different aspects of our body. These Include ab, arm, and leg workouts. Her videos have been trending recently and people are loving the results. 


#2: Go for a run!

Running is an easy escape to the new reality of quarantine. It helps you get outside and get some fresh air. You could run 1 mile or even 6 miles. IT all depends on how you feel. Running has many long term benefits. According to the Medical Journal of Neurology, middle aged women with a high level of fitness are 88% less likely to develop dementia.  Running strengthens your legs and can act as a form of meditation.


#3: Go on a bike ride

Bike riding is a great way to connect with friends from a distance during social distancing. You can go as far as you would like and bike with friends as long as you remember to stay 6ft apart when you stop. It is important to get outdoors in the nice spring weather. 


#4: Practice a Sport

Many sports seasons have been delayed or canceled, but athletes should continue to grow stronger and take this time to perfect their skills. People can go in their driveway and practice basketball, or in their yard to practice volleyball, soccer, and a variety of other sports. Get creative and keep working hard. 


#5: Yoga

Yoga is a great way to relax and strengthen your body. Focusing on yourself and your breath for a short period of time can be very beneficial to the mind and body. Youtube has many yoga routines and practices, but you could always make up your own routine with poses you already know!


#6: Go for a walk!

Walking is a great way to get outdoors and get your fitness in for the day. You can take your dog to get some fresh air or even go with your family! Walking is a great option because you have total control over how fast and far you go! 


#7: Jump Rope

Jump roping is a fun way to get active during quarantine! Go on your driveway and practice your skills. See if you can perfect double dutch or just get the basics down. You can jump rope with younger siblings or while on facetime with friends! 


#8: Weight Lifting

If you wanna gain muscle for your next sports season, weight lifting could be the way to go! You can use store-bought weights or even household items like cans from your pantry! It is easy to get creative with this fitness activity


#9: Movement Breaks

While doing online work, it is important to remember to get up and stretch in between classes. You could go walk to the kitchen for water, or do chair yoga, or even just get up and perform some basic stretches. This will help keep you focused while working!


#10: Meditation

Meditation is a fantastic way to calm your mind and body during this stressful time. There are many apps and youtube videos that can guide you through meditation. It is nice to take 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your breathing.