What Will Fall Sports Look like Next Year?


FHS Front Turf Field

Tess Bower, Writer

With Massachusetts beginning their staged reopening, many kids are wondering what their sports seasons will be like next year. Many questions are up in the air like, ¨Will we have to wear masks? Or will there even BE a season?¨ Pantherbook reached out to try and help ease your concerns. 

Freshman Cameron Sawyer played soccer for FHS this year, and is looking to play again next year. According to Cameron, FHS soccer is beginning their captain’s practices but will limit the group to 10 people and have no contact practices. This helps to fit social distancing guidelines and helps prepare athletes for a possible season. 

Cross Country runner Katie Barrow is working on the summer training program her coaches distributed via Google Classroom. There are three options for runners and each includes a very descriptive schedule for the summer. 

FHS Sports teams are preparing for a fall season and continue to stay hopeful for the fall. There are so many possibilities of what next year will look like. According to FHS Athletic Director Mr. Angelo, FHS is planning for every possible scenario.

Registration has opened up on Twitter for FHS´ first virtual Summer Strength and Conditioning Program. This program will help prepare students for High School sports and help them to gain general fitness techniques. The Registration Deadline is June 26th along with the payment deadline. 

So you may be asking yourself, ¨What should I do to prepare?¨ 

Remember to keep working on skills and practicing. You can reach out to the coach of the sport you are trying out for and ask for training advice. Or perhaps get in contact with the Captains and see what their plans are.

It is important to remain hopeful for fall sports seasons.