FHS Boys Cross Country Meet is a Success

FHS Boys Cross Country Meet is a Success

Brady McGonagle, Writer

Franklin has a blowout win against Milford on October 6th, 2020.

Franklin started off strong, placing many runners in the top 10. This basically sealed the game because even if Milford placed runners in the rest of the top 10, they still wouldn’t win. 

The exciting news is that there was a new course record set by the senior, Nick Calitri. The race is a 5 k for the varsity runners and around 1.9 miles for JV. The course has a lot of ups and downs, but they are definitely manageable. 

Michelle McGonagle, a spectator at the race says that all the runners were sprinting at the finish line. There were a variety of different expressions, mainly exhausted. Most of the runners when they hit the track, got a burst of adrenaline, to run faster and try to catch the guy in front of them. 

All of the runners at the beginning were wearing their masks, but near the end when everyone was spread out, some of the runners removed their masks. 

The race started at 3:30 for the JV boys and then the JV girls and then varsity after. The meet was at Franklin high school, after school had concluded.

The race was a success and all the spectators had masks on. There will only be 5 meets during the season and the cross country team has an undefeated season so far!