NFL Week 14 Recap: One word takeaways from each game

Siddharth Chandra

Source: The Ringer

Week 14 in the NFL has been eventful week. The final stretch of the season looks to provide lot’s of good games. With multiple upsets and a shake-up in the play-off picture let’s dive into all of the games during Week 14.

TNF: Patriots at Rams: 3 – 24

Yikes. The Pats looked awful on Thursday night. They were only able to produce 3 points in the first half, and got shut out in the second half. Cam Newton failed to produce. and the Patriots Defense got run over by Cam Akers. This loss for the Patriots, diminishes their hopes of making the playoffs significantly. As for the Rams, this was a much needed win to stay at the top of the NFC west. They played a solid game, with far less mistakes compared to the Patriots.



Titans at Jaguars: 31 – 10

King. If you needed more evidence that Derrick Henry is the best RB in the league this year, here is your game. Granted he was playing that Jaguars but still, he ran for over 200 yards and 2 TDs! If he can average at least 156 yards over the next 3 games (it is entirely possible for him) he will have over 2,000 rushing yards on the season. The Jaguars once again looked pretty bad. James Robinson had an okay week, and nobody really stood out on the team this week. At least Minshew Mania is back.


Vikings at Buccaneers: 14 – 26

Kickers. Oh how underrated kickers can be in this league. They’re often the reason a team wins or loses a close games for a team. But it’s been a while since we’ve seen a kicking performance this bad. Dan Bailey went 0-3 on FG’s and 0-1 on XP’s. IF you do the math there , than this would have been a 2 point game. Besides that the Vikings played a solid game, with Cook going over 100 yards, and Justin Jefferson disappointing fantasy owners in week 1 of the playoffs. With this win Brady and Company keep themselves in the playoff pictures, still eyeing the top seed in the NFC South.



Chiefs at Dolphins: 33 – 27

Unstoppable. The Chiefs are tearing up NFL defenses left and right, and it looks like that no one is able to stop them (besides the Raiders somehow) despite Mahomes throwing 3 INT’s .  The Dolphins put up a great fight against the Chiefs but it wasn’t enough. A even crazier thing is that Travis Kelce is on pace to become the first ever TE to lead the league in receiving yards. This shows that it is really Tua Time in Miami. He threw for over 300 yards and 2 TD’s. So far the top 3 QB’s taken in last year’s draft have looked spectacular.



Broncos at Panthers: 32 – 27

Promise. Each team showed a lot of promise for the future. Drew Lock looked great going 21/27,  for 280 yards, and 4 TD’s. Lock is starting show that he can be the Franchise QB for Denver. Once again the Panther put up a good fight and showed how much they can accomplish. In what is considered a rebuild year, Matt Rhule has done wonders with this team even without CMC and DJ Moore. Imagine what they can do with both those superstars on the field. Also, I am so sorry if you took CMC first in your fantasy leagues (hopefully he’s back next week).



Texans at Bears: 7 – 36

Errr? Houston we have a problem. No we literally have a massive problem in Houston. They looked awful on Sunday with the offence not able to do anything and their defense, giving up points left and right. Granted Watson’s WR1 was Chad Hansen, but the defense still should have done better. Mitch Trubisky threw for 267 yards and 3 TD’s, with Allen Robinson receiving 128 of those yards, and one of those TD’s. Don’t forget about David Montgomery who had a good game with 112 yards rushing and 1 TD.



Cardinals at Giants: 26-7

Five. 5 sacks and 5 tackles Haason Reddick?!?! A player that was picked, in hopes of becoming a superstar delivered in a crucial game, to keep the Cardinals in the playoff games. That is game that Hasson Reddick will remember and Daniel Jones will want to forget. Coming off of an injury, he couldn’t do anything against the cardinals, throwing for only 121 yards, and being sacked 8 times. Luckily, being in the NFC east the Giants are still in the race to make the playoffs.


Cowboys at Bengals: 30 – 7

Alive. Somehow, some way, the Dallas Cowboys are still in contention for the NFC East. Yes it is the NFC East, but it is incredible how they are still alive for playoff spot after how some of their games have gone. Anyway the entire Cowboys team played a solid game. Andy Dalton threw for a little under 200 yards and 2 TD’s, and copper ended with 4 rec, 51 yards and a TD. On paper it looks like the Bengals did so much better, in every team stat they did better then the Boys, besides the fumbles which ultimately ruined their game.



Colts at Raiders: 44 – 27

Defense. Defense wins championships ( ok maybe not all of the time). That’s the main reason the Colts won this game and the Raiders. After both teams took an absolute beat down last week in their respective games, each was looking to  get win to stay in the play-off race. The Raiders were not able to stop Jonathan Taylor, who ran for 150 yards and 2 TD’s. We also got a taste of vintage T.Y Hilton, with him catching 2 TD’s. This is a massive blow to the Raider’s playoff hopes, and with that they also fired their defensive coordinator.



Jets at Seahawks: 3 – 40

Expected. The New York Jets lost to the Seattle Seahawks by 37. The rest is self-explanatory.



Packers at Lions: 24 – 31

Frightening. It is scary how the Packers almost lost to the Detroit Lions in this game. Stafford threw for 244 yards, and only 1 TD and they were only able to rush for over 50 yards. Somehow the Lions were always in this game despite the poor numbers they put up. On the other hand it is scary what Rodgers is able to do in his 15th year. Throwing for for 290 yards and 3 TD’s with a 78.79% completion percentage and keeping himself in the MVP conversation. A lot of that involves Davante Adams, who has been arguably the best WR in the league this year, catching another TD and 115 yards



Falcons at Chargers: 17 – 20

Finally. The Chargers finally got a close win after 14 weeks. This is a well deserved win the Rookie Justin Herbert after the numerous heartbreaks that he has had this season. He threw for 243 yards 2 TD’s and 1 INT, continuing his phenomenal OROY campaign. On the other hand Matt Ryan threw 3 INT, and essentially costing the Falcons this game. If we’re being honest, the MVP of the Falcons is Younghoe Koo with 5 points this week.



Football Team at 49ers: 23 – 15

Abnormal. Who thought the Washington Football Team would beat the San Francisco 49ers with Alex Smith leading Washington at the beginning of the year. Then again  it is 2020. The football team were able to win despite putting up only 193 yards on offense and the 49ers dominating every offensive category. However the Washington Football Team had 3 takeaways in the game, and the key defensive TD’s help them win this crucial game. They move to the top of the NFC east with this win putting themselves in a very good position to make the playoffs. Not much to say about the 49ers, still missing their top 3 players so they lost.



Saints at Eagles: 21 – 24

Hurts. This loss hurts for the Saints. They lose the 1 seed in the NFC and now could even lose the NFC south division, if they don’t play well over the next few weeks. With the 1 seed the only team getting a bye this year, it is more important then ever. As for the Eagles, Jalen Hurts looked amazing. It seems like the Eagles turned a switch with Jalen Hurts and turned into the best team in the NFL. Hurts threw fro 167 yards and TD and also having over 100 yards on the ground. The Saints streak of 55 straight games of not letting up a 100 yard rusher was broken with 2 players going over a 100 yards on the Eagles (Miles sanders and Jalen Hurts). 



SNF: Steelers at Bills: 15 – 26

Overrated. It’s official, the Steelers were wayyy overrated. They lost to a team with no name and now the best opponent they’ve played all year, the Bills. Big Ben threw for 2 TD’s but evened that out with 2 INT’s. The Steelers D was not able to stop Stefon Diggs, catching 10 balls for 130 yards and a TD. The Bills are starting to prove themselves has a legitimate Super Bowl competitor and with this win, they solidify that the Patriots will not win the AFC east. 2020 has been something else.



MNF: Ravens at Browns: 47 – 42

Classic: This is an instant classic between these division rival. With the score going back and forth in the final 7 minutes, and many amazing plays it is fair to say this matchup delivered. Lamar Jackson had to leave the game because of “cramps” but he came back at the right time, leading the Raven to a TD. He looked like his MVP self again over 100 yards rushing and 164 yard passing. The last safety committed by the Browns a lot of bettors mad, very mad.



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