Fall II Preview- What’s Different?


Students will continue to play their sports with masks on. Credit: Smugmug

Aislinn Lavery, Writer

On February 22nd, student athletes will be returning to their cheer, football, volleyball, and winter track seasons after a long wait.

However, MIAA guidelines will be different this season in order to remain safe and socially-distanced.

Indoor facilities such as gyms will only be operating at 40% capacity following the Massachusetts Phase 3, Step 1 guidelines, and spectators at games will be limited to low numbers.

All athletes will have to wear masks during games and practices, and will not be allowed to share equipment such as water bottles. 

The Cheer team will be able to perform at home games, but it will not be able to participate in competitions. The cheer routines are also modified, with some stunts eliminated and stunt groups limited to 10 or less in order to reduce spread of germs. 

The Football team will not be able to hold team activities inside, and contact activities during practice are to be limited to 30-45 minutes a week. Football team rosters will be limited to 45 players during game day, and no more than 25 players can be on each half of the field.

The Track team will hold all meets outdoors and only run in dual meets, not invitationals.

The Volleyball team roster will be limited to 15 people on game day. Teams will not switch sides of the court during games.