Athletes’ Perspectives on Fall II


The football field is partially covered in a snowbank and the track is slightly wet from the weather.

Katie Barrow, Writer

Cheer, Track, Football, and Volleyball athletes are thrilled to be playing again. However, there were some criticisms to be made on the changes made due to the pandemic. A few Fall II athletes filled out an anonymous survey answering questions on their opinions of this season, and here is their inside-scoop. 

The Pros

Athletes were relieved that the Fall II season was able to happen, especially cheer, football, and volleyball, because they were pushed back so far. People expressed that they really enjoy spending time with their teammates because so much socialization has been lost from the pandemic. 

Room for Improvement

Changes to this year’s sports were to be expected, so athletes are inevitably disappointed about not having a normal season with more games and meets. Others yearn for more mask breaks because exercising in a mask is challenging, and sometimes makes it hard to breathe.

The Shutdown of the Lockerrooms

Although athletes understand the reasoning behind the decision to close the locker rooms, many of them showed frustration in having no access to them. In addition to their heavy backpacks, most of them carry their sports equipment to each class. Some even have their parents drive to the school an additional time during the day to drop off their belongings. 

Changing is another hassle because only two people are allowed in each bathroom at a time. A strategy one athlete uses is to come to school wearing most of the clothes they need to wear to practice so that they don’t have to change into as many clothes. 

Indoor track, is now outdoor?

In a typical season, sprinters practice inside, and the distance team runs outside. Runners on the track team have said that it is hard to share the track due to a large number of people. 

New Protocols for Games and Meets

For track, there will be virtual meets which means that only Franklin runners will be physically racing with one another, but Franklin track will compare times with other towns’ track teams to compete. The schedule has not been made yet.

Volleyball and football still have games, however, there is a limited amount of fans.

Cheer will attend football games, but they will need to be socially distanced and only near their assigned group.

Short Gap in Between Spring Sports

The gap between Fall II sports and spring sports varies depending on when each Fall II sport ends. Fall II sports had to be cut shorter in order to make enough time for spring sports. Overall, there is about a 2-week gap between the two seasons. Athletes shared that this will be beneficial to be in better shape going into a spring sport than a typical season, but they also wonder if this is enough time to recover. 


Nonetheless, athletes believe that the Athletics Department has done the best they can by giving sports a season given the circumstances.