Move over Rattle City, Shut Out City is in Town


Sammy Patel

Franklin Panthers gather after their 35-0 blowout against Taunton

Let me start you off with this stat, Taunton ran nearly 2x times the plays that Franklin ran. Oh, the score you ask? 35-0 Panthers. Many may argue their game against Mansfield is their best game of the year, but honestly speaking this was their best game of the year.

It only took the Panthers 2 plays to get points on the board. Franklin RB Mack Gulla scampered down the sideline for 69 yards after catching a swing pass from Jared Arone. M. Gulla is more known for being a downhill runner, but his pass-catching abilities Friday night.

At the end of the 1st quarter, Franklin was on track to form another scoring driving. However, Gulla fumbled after trying to gain extra yards, and Taunton gained possession of the ball ready to tie the game up. They failed to score, as the Panther’s defense stood them up and forced a punt, which would be a recurring theme of the night.

RB Mack Gulla #21 receives hand-off from QB Jared Aron #15. (Sammy Patel)

Both teams were quiet for a majority of the 2nd quarter playing hot potato with the ball. The Tigers were able to put together one good drive, helped by Jacob Leonard’s 21-yard pass to Jose Touron to convert on 3rd down. Franklin was able to clamp down on defense after and forced a 20-yard field goal which was shanked wide right.  

Towards the end of the 2nd quarter, Franklin’s offense started to come alive driving down the field. The drive was capped off by a beauty of a pass from Jared Arone to Shane Kindred. Despite being sandwiched by 2 Tiger defenders, Kindred held onto the ball and gave Franklin a 14-0 lead going into halftime. 

Halftime this week was extra special, as this was Franklin Panthers Homecoming.  One notable figure returning to FHS was Taunton’s head coach, Brad Sidwell. Sidwell served as Franklin Football’s head coach and Franklin Athletics Director for numerous years before moving on to coaching for Taunton in 2016.

WR Shane Kindred #2 walking down the Panthers sideline (Sammy Patel)

Each Class’s floats drove right by the fans, with candy being hurled from the Sophomore and Junior floats. Juniors probably win float of the year, nailing their beach theme. When Sophmore Class President Ahan Shetty was asked about the experience, he was appreciative about the fans “It was great to see so many people in the bleachers and to see so many people cheering us on felt great.”

After being rejuvenated (to an extent) at halftime, the Panthers picked up right where they left off. Even though a touchdown by Will Tracey (WR) was called back due to a flag, the Panther’s offense compensated for that with a 56-yard touchdown by M. Gulla. Taunton started their hike up comeback mountain, with good passes from Leonard. The Tigers were able to reach the Franklin 27, but once again their drive fizzled out with 2 incompletions by Leonard. Subsequently, Mack Gulla put the game away with a 73-yard touchdown. Gulla was rested in the 4th quarter but he ended with 10 carries for 170 yards and 240 total yards. 

At this point, comeback mountain was too tall for the Tigers, and they were looking for any type of score at this point being down 28-0. Taunton once again found themselves in Franklin territory with the ball. Once again they fail to score with Leonard being picked off at the goal-line by Jase Lyons. Taunton was able to get the ball again afterward, trying to avoid a shutout. However, Jase Lyons and the Panthers were having none of that, with Lyons securing his 2nd INT of the night. This one he took back to the house, totaling the score to 35-0 Panthers.

Franklin Panthers on Defense (Sammy Patel)

Throughout the entirety of the game, Rattle City was quite apparent (visually and audibly). Funny enough, Taunton’s student sections had a completely opposite theme to Rattle city choosing to have a “camo theme” while Rattle city attempted to brighten up the entirety of Franklin with their neon. But seriously, over the past couple of weeks, Rattle City has shown that their one of the most electric student sections in MA. They will be a key part of Franklin’s playoff games if they get any at home. Also make, sure to follow Rattle City on Instagram (@rattlecity). 

Rattle City bringing the energy in neon. (Sammy Patel)

On a final note, it seems like nobody is ready to stop this Panthers squad. They are nicknamed “The Outsiders” but they are certainly making a name for themselves in the state. They get a bye week and then head to Attleboro (1-3) and end off the regular season with Hockmock Powerhouse Milford (5-0) 

Shout out to Sammy Patel for his photos so go follow him on Instagram @sammypatelphotography.