Franklin Panthers Are Prepared: An Interview With Coach Meuse


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Coach Meuse talking to the players. (Photo courtesy of FHS Smugmug)

Franklin Football has always been a highlight of the community, but this year especially, Franklin has made outstanding progress, getting noticed by everyone in the state. Finally, it is almost the end of the season, and after the Braintree game that Franklin dominated, the Panthers head into Methuen with an undefeated streak. This year, a new coach has been getting noticed by all of Franklin because of his brilliant coaching style and his one-of-a-kind personality.

Pantherbook interviewed Coach Meuse to speak to him about his standpoint about whether or not Franklin can make it the whole way, as well as what he thinks makes a good athlete.

Maddie Michenzie: I know this is your first year coaching in Franklin. What made you want to coach Franklin Football? Has football always been a passion of yours?

Coach Meuse: Football and coaches have had a huge influence in my life since I was very young. When my family and I decided to move to Massachusetts, we searched for a community and school that embraced athletics as well as academics. We felt Franklin checked a lot of the boxes we prioritized and were very lucky to find a home here.

MM: What kind of mentality do you want the players to have going into each game?

CM: I want my players to be relaxed going into a game. I want them to enjoy playing the game with their teammates and have fun. Loose = Fast. The key to this is preparing during the week.  Preparation builds confidence which breeds success.

MM: In your opinion, what makes an excellent football player?

CM: Football is a great sport because players with varying athletic abilities can be successful.  However, I feel the special players are passionate, selfless, and hard-working.

MM: What kind of aspects of the game do you get the most excited about?

CM: Great question, to be honest, it is spending time with the coaches and players. I love practice, bus rides, film sessions, everything. I have come to value the moment and be present in the now. I feel COVID has taught us to appreciate what we have today, because that may change at any moment. Enjoy the fellowship we provide each other each day.  

MM: Does it take some weight off of your shoulders knowing that you can trust these players when it comes to focus and skill?

CM: Not really. We have some incredible young men who possess some exceptional talents.  The challenge lies in how to improve upon that, how to maximize that. The better a player is, the better coach you have to be to help them progress.  

MM: Are you surprised that Franklin will have to face off against Methuen over Everett? 

CM: Not really. Methuen is a very well-coached team. They do not commit a lot of penalties, they run the ball very well, and have some talented players. You have to be prepared, you have to be able to adjust during the game, and your players have to trust their coaching. I don’t think Everett did that, so they are sitting at home this week.

MM: Do you believe that Franklin can make it all the way through the playoffs? 

CM: No doubt. I said it when I first started working with this team. I had no idea what the landscape of Massachusetts football looked like, but I was impressed from the start. A very special group of young men. 

MM: What do you think the Franklin Panthers need to do in order to be successful in the playoffs?

CM: Row the boat. That is what we do. Good, bad, rain, or rainbows endeavor to persevere.  These young men have invested a great deal into this team. Continue to trust their coaching and each other and finish strong.

MM: Last question: switching gears. You are also in the high school substituting during the day. How does it feel to be in the school and see all of the students get so excited to see you, as well your football players throughout the day?

CM: Honestly, a blessing. I feel in order to be an effective coach, there needs to be a relationship. A vital ingredient to building a relationship is time. The more time I spend in the school around kids, the more opportunity to build those relationships and the more of an effective coach I can become. I’m very grateful for the opportunity Mr. Hanna, Coach Angelo, and Coach Bain have given me. I feel very lucky to be able to do what I was made for, within a phenomenal environment, around an exceptional student body.  

Franklin will be facing off against the powerful Methuen team tonight, at Franklin’s home turf. Will you be showing up in all white?

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