Student Spotlight: Alex Batla


Franklin girls run in a pack at the Attleboro dual meet in Highland Park. (Alex in front). Photo used with permission from Mikaela Robillard

Katie Barrow, Writer

Alex with her medal at the Hockomock Championship.
Photo used with permission from Kathy McGuigan.

Alex Batla is the 3rd best cross country runner for girls in the Hockomock League. On October 31st, she placed herself in the top three at the Hockomock Championship, out of 88 girls in the varsity race, with a time of 19:46 for the 5K. Franklin girls cross country placed 2nd at Hocks, behind Oliver Ames.

Her strategy for racing is to tuck behind the top runners so that they are less aware of how much distance they are in front. Then at mile two, she surges ahead of them and gains a significant lead.

A week later, she miraculously beat her 5K personal record by 32 seconds at the Frank Mooney Invitational with a time of 19:14! Alex has another opportunity to PR on November 13th at the Divisional Meet. 

Alex loves to run because it helps her escape her thoughts while at the same time pushing her to new goals. 

Alex started running in 3rd grade through the Girls on the Run program in Franklin. She ran a few road races throughout elementary school and middle school and joined cross country her freshman year. She was quickly pulled up to practice with varsity and blew everyone away at her first JV meet when she beat second place by a minute! 

She was once again pulled up on the team, this time to compete in the varsity meets, and became a top scorer for dual meets. 

Since her freshman year cross country, she dealt with two different injuries, but came back strong and is currently having her best season so far in her running career.