March Madness: Who? What? Where? When?

The annual March Madness Tournament begins in just a few weeks!

Photo via Wikimedia Commons use with permission by the Creative Commons License

The annual March Madness Tournament begins in just a few weeks!

Halle Goldsmith, Editor


March Madness is one of the biggest events in sports, easily the biggest regarding college sports. This tournament is a single-elimination tournament of 68 teams over seven rounds for the NCAA’s Division I Men’s Basketball teams.  This is a fight for the national championship!

When and Where? 

Selection Sunday for the men’s tournament is at 6 p.m. EST on March 13, 2022. As it has in the past, it will be available to watch on CBS. The tournament will last from March 13 to April 4, 2022. 


File:Showtime! — New Orleans, USA.jpg - Wikimedia Commons
The Final Four games will all be played on this very court in New Orleans. (Photo via Wikimedia Commons used with permission by the Creative Commons License)

The First Four will be played on March 15 and 16 in Dayton, Ohio. The First/Second rounds are played in a multitude of different cities all within March 17-20. Following a four-day break for travel, the Sweet 16 and Elite Eight will commence in four different cities from March 24-27.

Lastly, the moment everyone waits for, the Final Four games will be played in New Orleans, Louisianna on April 2 and April 4.


Every year, there are 32 automatic qualifiers (also referred to as an automatic bid) for the March Madness Tournament, and 36 at-large selections.

But what is an automatic qualifier? Basically, teams receive a bid to the NCAA tournament if they are eligible for postseason play and win their conference tournament, regardless of their performance during the regular season.

Selection Sunday, as mentioned above, is the day when the Selection Committee reveals the full NCAA tournament bracket with all the teams and all the seeds.

The bracket is not confirmed yet and will not be until Selection Sunday.

NCAA Tournament Field of 68 Projections: 

*- Projected automatic bids

No. 1 Seeds:

*Auburn (22-1) 

*Gonzaga (19-2)

*Kansas (19-4)      

*Arizona (20-2)          

No. 2 Seeds: 

*Duke (19-4)

*Purdue (20-3)

Baylor (19-4)

Kentucky (19-4)

No. 3 Seeds:

*Houston (20-2)

Texas Tech (18-5)

UCLA (16-4)

Illinois (17-5)

No. 4 Seeds:

*Providence (20-2)

Villanova (16-5)

Wisconsin (18-4)

Michigan State (17-5)

No. 5 Seeds: 

Texas (18-6)

UConn (15-6)

Tennessee (16-6)

Marquette (16-7)

No. 6 Seeds: 

Alabama (14-9)

Ohio State (14-9)

Arkansas (18-5)

Xavier (16-6)

No. 7 Seeds: 

USC (19-4)

LSU (16-7)

Indiana (16-6) 

St. Mary’s (19-4)

No. 8 Seeds: 

*Loyola-Chi (18-4)

Wake Forest (19-5) 

Iowa (15-7)

*Boise State (18-5)

No. 9 Seeds: 

Iowa State (16-7)

Miami (16-7)

*Murray State (22-2)

TCU (15-5) 

No. 10 Seeds:

*Davidson (19-3)

North Carolina (16-7) 

San Francisco (19-5) 

Wyoming (19-3) 



No. 11 Seeds:

Florida (15-8)

Notre Dame (16-7)

Oregon (15-7)

Seton Hall (14-7)



No. 12 Seeds: 

Washington State (14-7)

Creighton (13-8) 

Colordo State (17-3)

Mississippi State (14-8) 

*North Texas (16-4) 

*Iona (19-4)

No. 13 Seeds: 

*Chattanooga (19-5)

*Vermont (18-4) 

*Ohio (19-3)

*South Dakota (21-4)

No. 14 Seeds: 

*New Mexico State (19-3)

*Liberty (17-7) 

*Wagner (16-2)

*Cal State Fullerton (14-6)

No. 15 Seeds

*Weber State (18-6)

*Cleveland State (16-5)

*Longwood (17-5)

*Yale (12-9)

No. 16 Seeds:

*Colgate (11-11)

*Appalachian State (15-10)

*Norfolk State (15-4)

*Southern (13-9)

*UNC-Wilmington (13-9)

*New Orelans (13-9) 

On the Bubble: 

Oklahoma (13-10)

Florida State (13-9)

Texas A&M (15-8)

Rutgers (13-9) 



Favored to win: top 6