Cross Country Season Review and What’s to Come

grass with sneakers via google Creative Commons License.

grass with sneakers via google Creative Commons License.

Jacob Bournazian, Writer

Out of all the fall sports teams, Cross Country  has the shortest regular season with just five dual meets. Franklin’s team has already finished their regular season.

Franklin’s most recent dual meet at North Attleboro on Oct. 11, ended with the boy’s team capping off their season with a 23-38 win. The boys finished their impressive season with four wins and one lonely loss against Taunton. They placed second in the Kelly-Rex Division, right behind undefeated Taunton.

The girls were also victorious in their race, with a much more dominant 18-45 score. The girls finished their season undefeated and placed first in the Kelly-Rex Division.

The girls have finished undefeated in two of their last four seasons and four times out of the last seven.

Coach Bailey, the coach of the boy’s XC team, indicated that the success of cross country this year was mainly the team’s dedication and leadership. With much of last year’s team returning, they’ve only got better since. Coach Bailey said that the team’s runners could have put in more work in the offseason to get into shape since much of the first couple weeks of practice was used to get back into shape.

The postseason is not like other sports where there is a tournament, having two teams face off against each other in each round. In Cross Country, a divisional meet is held where each team in a division (Kelly-Rex, Davenport) races each other.

A couple of the top teams from each race will move on to the All-State Meet, which is the championship for the entire state. The All-State Meet will occur in mid-November.