Faculty Friday: Mr. Ledoux

Faculty Friday: Mr. Ledoux

Max Rosen, Writer

One of Franklin High’s newest science teachers is Mr. Ledoux. Mr. Ledoux currently teaches Physics, Robotics, Green Engineering, and Astronomy.

Mr. Ledoux started teaching at FHS in September of 2014. He was attracted to FHS because of the new building and new technologies the school has to offer.

Mr. Ledoux’s main subject that he teaches is Physics. He explains that he loves science because, as he puts it, it is “the one thing that can still make a student go ‘Wow’.”

Mr. Ledoux does love what he teaches, and does make his students go “Wow.” As Alex Jackson, a sophomore who has completed Mr. Ledoux’s robotics course, puts it: “Mr. Ledoux is an excellent teacher who is very passionate about robotics.”

Along with his teaching, Mr. Ledoux is a coach for track and field. Ledoux coaches throwers, as he was a discus thrower when he was in high school.

Mr. Ledoux is from New Bedford, Massachusetts and attended UMASS Amherst. At UMASS, Ledoux majored in Physics, which is one of the classes he now teaches.

In his spare time, Mr. Ledoux enjoys a nice round of golf or going jet-skiing in upstate New York. Mr. Ledoux is also a fan folk rock, enjoying early Bob Dylan music.

Mr. Ledoux is an outgoing teacher that any student would be lucky to have.