Faculty Friday: Mr. Penza

Cameryn McNeillie, Writer


Mr. Penza is one of the favorite teachers in the notorious History department at FHS. Penza teaches US History I, US History II, and Yearbook, though he admits US II is his favorite subject to teach.

Penza became a teacher eight years ago because he wanted to change students minds about History. Why History? Penza says it is because he “loves that every day can be a life lesson.” He says he loves to teach any lesson that can make students think outside the box. Mr. Penza describes his personal teaching style as “evolving.”

“I want kids to love History as much as I do,” Penza says. “So I try to share as many interesting stories as I can about real events.”

Penza added that when influencing his students in the long run, he hopes for the best, and that students that previously hated History love it after having him as a teacher.

Penza says his favorite co-worker is the whole History department, and his favorite memory at FHS is receiving a book from Mr. Walsh after his first year of teaching. If you see Mr. Penza in the halls, stop to say hi and ask a history question!