Faculty Friday: Ms. Chackalackal

Faculty Friday: Ms. Chackalackal

Julia Hogan, Writer

If one were to ask any former Chemistry student here at FHS who they think is the funniest, quirkiest Chem teacher in the building, chances are their answer would be a simple “Chacks!” 

A beloved teacher for her funny stories, great sense of humor, and effective teaching methods, Ms. Chackalackal, or as many students call her, “Chacks” (pronounced like “chalks”), has been teaching here at Franklin High for many years.

Ms. C, another nickname for Ms. Chackalackal, went to college in both India and the U.S. She got her bachelors degree in Chemistry, and also went for a teaching degree.

Inspired by her father who was also a Chemistry teacher, Ms. C first knew she wanted to be a Chem teacher right after she got her bachelors in Chemistry. “Chemistry, because of my father,” she said, “just came easily to me.” 

There are a countless number of stories Ms. C has from her many years of teaching, yet one of the funniest and memorable moments she has was when she accidentally wore two different shoes to school. “When I noticed, I came into class the next day and asked if the kids had noticed. And they did. They just didn’t tell me.”

It’s obvious Ms. Chackalackal loves her job; every morning she comes into the building with a big smile on her face while waving to her students in the hallways. 

When asked what her favorite part about teaching at Franklin High is, Ms. C says she likes “teaching high school kids,” as opposed to working with younger students.

Ms. Chackalackal clearly loves her job and wants her students to succeed, seen through the positive feedback from students here at FHS and through the energy and passion she puts into each and everyday as a teacher.