Mr. Kelly: Making History Come Alive

Mr. Kelly: Making History Come Alive

Hannah Sweeney, Writer

Mr. Kelly, a teacher at Franklin High, creates an interactive and enjoyable environment for his students in the classroom.

Mr. Kelly has been teaching at Franklin High School for ten years. He mainly teaches History, among some other Social Studies courses.

When talking to Mr. Kelly, he comments that his favorite part about being a teacher is, “Having the opportunity to work with a new group of kids every year.”

When asked about his course specifically, he says that his favorite time period to teach his students is the 1960’s. He further explains that since this was the time period he grew up in, he can make the unit more interesting by adding personal stories as well as accounts of the political and social turmoil, as well as the excitement, that occurred during this time.

In regards to his personal life, Mr. Kelly likes to read, exercise, and spend time with his dog. He states that if he was not a teacher, he would most likely be an author.

When asked what time period he would choose to travel back in time and live in, Mr. Kelly selects the 1940’s. He explains that along with the chaos of World War II, he has always identified this time period as very romantic in regards to the music and fashion. He also explains that his fascination with the time period comes from the stories his parents have told him that create a sense of community during this era.

Finally, Mr. Kelly reveals that although he enjoys teaching on a daily basis, his favorite teaching memories always include being able to connect his curriculum with stories from his childhood or stories of his parent’s childhood.

Due to these personal connections Mr. Kelly makes to his students, many find his class to be very enjoyable and engaging. His enthusiasm during class truly makes the history from the textbooks come alive.