Special Education Teacher

Lily Graf, Writer

Mrs. Rosborough is a special education teacher. She always knew she wanted to work in special education.

In kindergarten she met her first friend Beth who is blind. She also volunteered at her Aunt’s 5th grade class.

Her first job was working in special education. She was an Assistant Teacher for a few years. It was where she fell in love with her career.

She would never stop working with special ed because she loves to advocate.

She went to Uxbridge High School and Gordon College. She graduated high school in 2002 and college in 2006.

She enjoyed history in high school and her teaching internship. She also did an independent study in Museum Studies.

This is what Mrs. Rosborough wants to do in her life because she wants to help students get good grades and graduate. She is really good at what she does and she will keep on going.