New Tech Center

Mackenzie Sayward

Franklin High School has made several changes this year, primarily to the school library. A new tech center has been made to improve the technology for both students and teachers in the school. In past years, students have had trouble at times getting a hold of a school computer, because of the large number of students who are constantly in need of them. This year, the school has purchased net books, small laptops that can be used for research and papers. There were interviews given for a few select people in the school.

“I think that it’s working very well”, said Ms. Hey. “We check in and out about three thousand laptops a month”.

Mr. Lima was partly in charge of creating the new tech center and the new technology that came along with it. “The Tech center has become a focal point of FHS’s academic learning providing technological resources to support student learning.”

One FHS senior, Christine Hurley had a positive outlook on the new changes as well. “Being able to check out laptops makes it easier for students to get information and do better in their classes”. The general opinion of the new school changes seems to be a positive one. People seem to think that it has been very helpful for students this year and has improved students’ school work.