Franklin Arts Academy

Jenn Davis, Jen Howe.

In the Fall of 2010 the newly created Franklin Arts Academy will be launching into the system. The Franklin Arts Academy is all about expanding the creativity of our FHS students by putting them into an artistic environment. The students that are accepted into the FAA will be taught in a more art-based way, for example, one class is Creative Literacy and Humanities. The areas of concentration throughout these classes will be architecture, musical production, theater, video production, and visual arts. Students that have applied are very excited to hear back if they” are one of the 30 students that are able to participate in this academy.

Mr.Caple, the Art Director at FHS, says that he is excited to see how it will turn out and hopes that the students enjoy it. He feels like this will be a successful way of learning for the students here that are more interested in art.
A senior at FHS is glad to hear that this is happening.

Hannah Minor says, “I think it’s a good idea but I wish I could’ve done it since I am going to college for art. But I think it will help everyone with their artistic abilities.”

If you have applied to the FAA you will be hearing back around April 26-30 if you have been accepted, but these dates are still tentative. If you have any interest or questions see Mr.Caple in G146.