In Memory of Kristin Graci

Amanda Martin

Friends, family, and people who were touched by the life of Kristin E. Graci gathered at St. Mary’s Church Thursday April 8, 2010 in memory of the beloved 2007 graduate. After being diagnosed exactly two years before, Kristin lost her battle to Leukemia on April 3, 2010. Kristin went to school at Arizona State and after her diagnosis planned to start the nursing program at University of Massachusetts Dartmouth in the fall. Kristin was an all star softball player and pitched at Franklin High School.

While at Arizona State, Kristin caught the flu and two other viruses, which led doctors to suspect there was a more serious condition involved. Kristin went into remission for a period of time before her passing. Kristin’s mother Rita delivered the eulogist speech with her husband Brad and son Justin by her side. In her speech Rita spoke of Kristin’s goals and dreams, and also about what a wonderful and special person Kristin was. Students and staff of FHS walked down to the church together Thursday to remember Kristin.

Ashley Meredith has started a fund raiser called Bumper Stickers For Kristin, raising money for families affected by leukemia. Proceeds are for the Graci’s and the children of Jason Kraszeski, a family friend who died of leukemia in 2008. Many people of the community have joined in support and bought a bumper sticker. More information can be found on the group titled “Bumper Stickers for Kristin” on facebook.

We will never forget Kristin here at FHS and how she touched many lives. We all hope for a cure for leukemia.