Senioritis Outbreak

Cara Salzberg & Paige Steinberg

The epidemic of senioritis has already spread to most of the seniors here at Franklin High School. There are many questions about this new disease that is very frightening to teacher and parents. Is there a cure? How can administrators stop this madness?

Well we have the inside scoop on all you need to know about Senioritis. These are a few of the common symptoms…failure to do homework, sleeping in class, waking up at 7:20 every morning, wandering the halls, dressing for not success, and finally, the worst symptom, not even showing up for school/class.

You can see here the major health risks involved in this school-wide epidemic. So far scientists have not been able to find a cure, although when summer begins the disease comes to a halt and the seniors have more energy and are eager to wake up on a bright sunny day and enjoy the day till late into the night.

Administrators seem to have to control over this disease and the only thing they can really do is sit back and watch the seniors suffer for 6 hours everyday. Some teachers and students have some reasoning behind this disease…

When we asked student, Mike Brosseau, if he has caught the senioritis virus he said, “Yes I definitely have, its just that time of year that students don’t want to wake up every morning and do the same thing over and over again. My mom is trying to convince me to get the vaccination but I refuse”

Mr. Fallahazad says that “It is very bad and he hopes that health officials will find a cure soon.”