Mr Light’s First Year

Mackenzie Sayward

New Ideas for Next Year

As Mr. Light finishes up his first year as the Franklin High School principal, he shared his thoughts about his first year, and ideas for next year.

“I hope I have made a positive impact on the students this year. I encourage students to give me feedback. The new technology is a huge improvement. I really like what we’ve done with the tech center. It’s used far more often than it used to be and it always seems to be filled with students.”

Mr. Light along with many of the school administrators are planning for new renovation on the school for next year.

“We are actually very far along in the process of starting construction. We are in the process of hiring an architect and we should be on board by this summer. If everything proceeds as planned, we could be starting this new change this fall which would be exciting.”

Mr. Light is also developing a survey to give out to all students, faculty, and administrators to see what kind of feedback people will give on new ideas for the school next year.