Spirit Week 2010

Spirit Week is coming fast! Every day each class has an opportunity to earn points for their class. First place for each event will receive 4 points, second place will get 3 points, third place will get 2 points and fourth place will get 1 point (0 points for no participation). The winning class will get an ice cream party! There are many events that will earn class points. This year they are:

  • Spirit Week Dress Days: Which include Slumber Party Day, Neon Day, Lax Bro Day, Extreme Weather Day, Safari Day, Fake Injury Day, Color Day, and Pep Rally-White Out.
  • Volleyball Game: The volleyball game is after school Thursday, November 18th. Each class will be responsible for forming their own volleyball team. Remember no team means no points!
  • Powder Puff Football Game: The powder puff game is on Monday, November 22nd at 11:30. Once again each class will organize their own team and clear their own practice times with Coach Sidwell.
  • Penny Wars: Each class has their own jar where they want to collect as many pennies as possible. Pennies are positive points and nickels, dimes, quarters and dollar bills are negative points. Therefore you want to put non-pennies in other classes’ jars. The class with the most points wins. All money raised will go to the American Cancer Society!!!
  • Mummy Races: Will be held during pep rally where the class officers “mummify” their president with toilet paper.

Once, again the class with the most points at the end of Spirit Week will win the ice cream social! Spirit Week starts this Friday, November 12th with Slumber Party Day and the beginning of Penny Wars!