Students React to Tornado

Connor Donahue

In last night’s epic and rare event of a Massachusetts tornado, students at Franklin had mixed reactions. Seeing some of the news coverage out west in Springfield and the destruction that the tornadoes inflicted fear in Franklin residents as the storm approached our home town.

Sarah Vetrano, a sophomore at Franklin High, says “I felt scared and threatened” as the storm approached. She resorted to hiding “in (her) basement, all alone, with her kitten” scared to death that the highly destructive tornado would rip through her house.

The track star, Connor Wardrop said he was “terrified and ran to his basement at the first sign of thunder”, fearing for his life.

Brady Gannon felt that “everyone completely over reacted to the situation in Franklin”, feeling that all the power of the storm was left out west.

Sitting next to him was Kevin Truggiari, who was “not phased at all” and “knew it was going to pass”. He felt as though the storm was like a summer shower coming to bring a well needed precipitation.

Clearly there was a mix of feelings towards this tornado warning, but the terrible destruction it caused out west is prevalent.