What is the Purpose Class Day?

The Pantherbook team interviewed students and faculty and found out what people really think about class day.

There seams to be split opinions in the faculty on if there should be a class day.  When asked if class day had a point Mrs. Gannon replied “Yes, all students should go to class day, it is important for the underclass men to support the seniors,  I thought that it went well, and moved along nicely.”  Not all of the teachers feel the same way about the event.  When Mr. Penza was asked the same question, he replied “There does not need to be an awards ceremony, and a class day…they are the same thing”  when he was asked if the students should be forced to go, he said “having the students come is a bit unnecessary, but it is nice for the underclassmen to recognize the seniors”

Not all of the students felt as if they had to pay tributes to the seniors, in fact most feel that is a waste of time.  On class day 167 people were dismissed on class day, when the average number of dismissals is normally 12 to 20 students.  This number does not include the total amount of students who just did not show up on class day.

When asked if the tradition should continue sophomore Ryan Mershimer “absolutely not”

Opinion is split between students and teachers, faculty like Mr. D said “the purpose of class day is to showcase senior accomplishments.”  While students tend to think it is waste of time.  Brian Hertzberg said “it was boring and I couldn’t hear anything”