Good Bye Mrs. Gorman

Sean Lazzeri

From 1982 until 2011 Mrs. Gorman has been here, that’s 28 years, teaching and molding the minds of young scholars.

Mrs. Gorman is a teacher in the math department here at FHS, she served as the unofficial department head when it was not yet a official position, and then latter when it became an official position.  Mrs. Gorman has been a valuable asset to the school.

When asked what about the school has changed since she got here, she replied “the style of teaching, it has become more individualized than it has been in the past. When I first started here it was almost all lecterns, and then it switched to all projects, I think we now have a happy medium.”  Mrs. Gorman also said “there is more competition, world wide now, people competing for college spots and job opportunistic.”

When she was asked about what she will miss most she said “I will obviously miss seeing my friends everyday, and I will miss the students mostly.” she followed up with

When asked what she planes on doing once she retires from the school, she said ” Well i have already been to Alaska, and the Bahamas, but I do plan on doing more travailing, to places like the grand canon.”  The panther book team then asked her if she has any hobbies that she looks formed to perusing “I plan to do some gardening, knitting, and visiting my friends who live around the country. ”

The final question we asked here was what were some of her favorite moments, she said “Well I have there,  the first was that i was the unofficial math advisory, and a NHS adviser for many years, and I just loved that position my second was in 2002 when the superintendence sent my self and a few other teachers to a teaching convention in Arizona for a national education conformance, and Wall the Cowboy gave us a tour through the desert, and the third is one of my former students called in the Sally Jessie Rafael show and thanked me for all that I have done for here.”  Needless to say, but Mrs. Gorman was a favorite among her students.

Mrs. Gorman has been at this school helping the youth of America become not only better math students, but better people to leave1 the school and become better members of so0city.  She will be remembered by students as one of the greatest teachers to taught here at Franklin High School.