Lucille Vandervelde Will Be Missed

Connor Donahue

Starting in the winter of 1987, Mrs. Vandervelde became a part of the Franklin School system, and until this year has worked here ever sense. When Mrs. Vandervelde first began, she says “there were no computers in schools” and the few that were in the system, “students had to learn a computer language course in order to operate”. Technology has changed since her time here, along with the school it’s self.

Many courses have been dropped or lost over the years, but some were created as well. Mrs. Vandervelde has helped many different students and has “had the pleasure¬† of working with many teachers in a variety of subjects”. Largely Mrs. Vandervelde taught special education and reading, but she also sunk her feet in to the English and Spanish classrooms as well. She says “I greatly enjoy the art and music presentations. It is great to see these continue and flourish”.

For many years Mrs. Vandervelde helped lead the advisory for the Future Teachers’ Club until funding ran out. She helped many students go on the path towards teaching, some of which teach here now. Mrs. Vandervelde loves helping kids who struggle on pieces of information since she loves seeing them learn. Her favorite part of teaching is her ability to help students and let them see the light in order to understand what they are learning.

The school and students will greatly miss Mrs. Vandervelde when she retires at the end of this year. She plans on spending more time with her family, tutoring, and doing some Raiki. Her legacy will stand at Franklin for a long time, as she has touched the minds and hearts of many students over the years. Mrs. Vandervelde we will miss you and we hope your retirement is relaxing and enjoyable!