The King Is Leaving

Mr. Dilorenzo, or “Mr. D”, is leaving FHS after 11 1/2 strong years as an administrator at Franklin High. He will be greatly missed by both administration and students as he moves into retirement.

Mr. Dilorenzo has a great background in school administrations. He started out his academic career by teaching English in Cranston, Rhode Island for twenty years. He then moved to become a middle school principal in 1990. In 1999, Mr. D retired in Rhode Island and rested in retirement for three days. After this small vacation, he came to work at Franklin on January 3, 2000.

Mr. D has had many great memories at FHS. Out of all of them, his two favorites were going to watch the FHS baseball team and Hockey team in the finals. Mr. D loved going to the Garden to support his hockey team, and then loved being there for his school’s baseball team in Lowell. Both of these teams contributed to making a great last year for Mr. D at FHS.

Since the school began, Mr. D has seen many changes throughout the halls. First, he has worked under 4 different principals, all of which he thought brought a great leading value to the table. Also, he has experienced the change in numbers at the school. When Mr. D started working at FHS there were only about 800 students in the school, now he believes the numbers are up to about 1600. Finally, Mr. D watched as rules became stricter, as new policies were established.

Now as Mr. Dilorenzo retires, he is ready to relax through the rest of his time. One thing he wants to do is travel to Europe, and explore different foreign sites. Then, he hopes to travel cross-country on his new motorcycle. One place Mr.D wants to make sure to visit is Nova Scotia in Canada. Finally, Mr.D wants to complete some small life goals that he has had to put off. First, he wants to better his golfing game. Then, he also wants to learn to play the piano.

Mr. Dilorenzo has had some great times at FHS. He will greatly miss all of the teachers, students, and other various administrators. Two things he will not miss are the cafe duties and the long commute to get to work.

Mr. D will be greatly missed, by people who have really grown to know him and by people who just knew him as an administrator. Make sure to say your final goodbyes to him as the days of this year come to a close, and tell him what he meant to this school. Mr. Dilorenzo is one of the greatest loses of FHS, and we all wish him good luck in the rest of the world.

Make sure to visit Mr. D, we will all be hoping to see you sometime in the future!