Mr. Cayford is Set to Retire

Brian Lutz

With the passage of time from year to year you notice changes in a familiar place from the adding or taking away from what was once their to what is now there. This year marks the end of the career for a few of the teachers in the school including Mr. Cayford of c105 with a carer lasting 32 years in the Franklin alone, and two years before that practicing at a half way house helping people get back on their feet.

With his coming retirement, Mr.Cayford will be leaving behind such activities such as the ski and board club which were some of his favorite moments during his time here. He originally joined the ski club in 1990 in which he spent 3 years as a adviser and 7 as supervisor of the sky club

When it came to what he was going to due after his retirement he stated that he was going to work on such projects as his house up in Maine, and continuing to find other activities to keep him occupied during his retirement.

He stated that with his coming retirement that he is going to miss much of the teachers staff that he has gotten to know over the years along with the student that he taught with from the four years that they were here in this educational establishment. Mr.Cayford also mentioned he will miss the challenge of crafting the young minds of the students he was assigned which was something that he enjoyed through this years.

From the time you start to work in a community to the point you are going to retire you notice changes in that community over the course of time. When Mr.Cayford first taught in Franklin he work in a small town with less then half of the total number of students we have now, but over the course of the years he witnessed the Town Of Franklin rise from a small white collar town to what is know essentially a city with the student body increasing with each that passes by use and the town’s population bigger then before.

So as this year comes the end of the year we say good luck to the retiring faculty let us hope that they enjoy their retirement to the best of their ability.