The Center: A True Representative Government

Sean McKeown

Americans Elect is the nominating process of the future. No longer will we see “politics as usual” but rather see a new system on which politics works.


This new system is run through the Internet and as the website says, “give[s] every single voter—Democrat, Republican or independent—the power to nominate a presidential ticket in 2012.” If you’re from a so called “red or blue” or “right or left” state political system that prevents you from having a voice, this was made for you.


If you’re like most American’s you’re probably tired of the party politics. Democrats ALWAYS choose the Democrat guidelines over the importance of our country. And Republicans ALWAYS back the Republican system rather than putting the country and the people first. Enough of the special interests! The Republican and Democratic parties ARE the biggest special interests. Americans Elect is set out to prove that we can have a nonpartisan ticket.

The best way to get work done is to work together. Two brains are better than one. We have all heard that before. Rather than continue to create a big mess, the politicians should come together and create a new idea.


Americans Elect wants YOU to choose the priorities. In this new system you will register and make yourself a delegate. After that YOU rank the priorities in level of importance to you. Then later, YOU help create the “platform of questions” through their polling system. If you don’t like the questions you vote for, you can add your own. Then when it comes time for voting, YOU directly pick the president and vice president that best fit your views.


In this system, we can look to see a Democratic president with a Republican vice-president or a Republican president with an independent vice-president. It’s about advancing our political system and making it better. This system better represents the people. “The people” that are the thing most politicians forget about.




Sean McKeown