Hello Freshmen

Queen B

Hello freshmen

At the end of each school year, FHS say good-bye to senior class.
In September, FHS gets to welcome a new class in the building. It does not
matter what class leaves and what class comes, if you are in FHS, you are a
panther, and that is what it counts.

freshmen, welcome to your new home, FHS. This place is older than a rock,
because it actually knew dirty when dirt was still a rock. I hope I did not
lose you yet. FHS can be a dream come true or can be close to a nightmare; it
depends on you.

I will start
with sharing with you what things can make FHS a dream come true. If you can
answer the question of, who are you?
Then you will not have any issues, comprendo? Good. There are five main things
that with practice will make you one of the happiest FHS student to ever step
into this building.

1. You are here to

2. Play nice with others

3. Show as much respect to your teachers and to your peers
as you would like to recieve back from them

4. Stay true to you

5. Always change for the best.

Now I will
tell you the things that would make FHS, your home, close to be a nightmare.
These things are also called the “not to do” things. The five “not to do”
things are-

1. Being a pain in the couches

2. being disrespectful

3. Thinking it is cool to be stupid

4. Not doing your homework

5. Not being involved in school activities

Well, I hope by now you will have a clear vision of how your
experience in FHS should be. If you follow any of these rules, you will have
exactly what you want in FHS.

What would be your experience? Please share.

By the way, just for some of you, who happen
to not know the answer to my deep thought question, ask me by commenting