Netbooks: Helpful or not?

We all love that our school has netbooks but should we have more of a variety of the laptops we can check out?
Do you like our high school’s netbooks? They do work well and the battery seems to last a long time, they almost never run out. The only thing bad about checking out the netbooks is sometimes there are none left to checkout!
There’s good and bad attributes for the netbooks being so small. Being small makes them much easier to carry around and fit them into your backpacks. But one thing that isn’t so great is they are hard to type on. The keyboard is small and sometimes you can possibly click the wrong key by accident. Also once you turn off the computer you must make sure that all your work has been saved because it automatically erases everything once it’s shut off.
Maybe the school should have invested in getting two different sets of laptops. Half of them being the netbooks that we already have and another half being normal laptops. Having two different types to choose from could make it easier for students use. Some students like the netbooks while others woulddefinitely prefer a different laptop with a bigger keyboard. Overall we are pretty lucky to even have netbooks to checkout!