Taco Bell: Officially Closed!

James MacLean

There is now a void in the Stop and Shop plaza here in Franklin after the official closing of Taco Bell on September 30th. Many Franklin High students had gone to this popular fast food restaurant to get cheap food that was fast. The question still is: why was it closed? While that may never be answered, another Taco Bell is soon to open, according to a sign in front of the now empty building. Yet, there is no detailed information about where and when a new one will open.

                Tara Grady, a junior from Franklin High, says, “It’s sad. A lot of people liked there food.” No one had expected the closing of Taco Bell. Many people still do not know about the closing, but with the sign on the door and the menu for the drive thru gone, it is now just a blank space for some other restaurant to take over.

                Another student says they will miss Taco Bell as well, remembering that “When the Red Sox had won the World Series a few years ago; they had given out free tacos. It was great, because we would go through the line not once but a few times.” While whatever will be replacing Taco Bell may be just as good or better, but the students say that they will always miss Taco Bell.