RIP Steve Jobs

Catie Flaherty

On Tuesday October 5, 2011 the technological world lost one of its greatest innovators to a long battle with pancreatic cancer. This entrepreneur was the famed “genius” behind the workings of the Apple Corporation, Steve Jobs. He can be accredited to all things interactive including the iPod, iPhone, iPad, iCloud, iTunes and other gadgets such as the Macbook computers. According to the IBTimes of San Francisco here are some of Jobs’ highest achievements.

  1. Creating the most valuable company
  2. Defining Apple culture
  3. Designing a new interface for combining aesthetic and business purposes
  4. Launching the super- secret privacy policy
  5. Incorporating hardware and software in his inventions


The creations by Steve Jobs have changed the way technology functions and fast forwarded society into a modern era where everything is smaller, faster, and more complex. We owe it to him that we can all communicate wherever, about whatever is on our minds.

Allie Dumart commented, “I love my iPhone! Steve Jobs did a great job designing and combining all my favorite things like Twitter and Facebook into one little device.”