Let’s take a closer look at “Bullying”.

Bobby Dion

             I’m sure there are many other of my peers in Franklin High School that feel that their teachers are not conducting themselves correctly in the classroom. A lot of schools support the ” stop bullying” program but its not only the students who are bullying.  A cruel “joke” from a teacher can lead to a kid’s own discomfort in and outside of the classroom. Not necessarilysaying that all jokes are to be taken seriously but there’s a limit. In a student’s eyes, a teacher is supposed to help students learn and understand things. But I’m sure I’m not the only one to feel that some teaching methods are unexceptable. 

           There are brave kids out there who speak up, ones who come to learn but are not getting their educational benefit. Do you know what those kids get? Recognition? No, They get a F. I’ve gone to many different high schools and middle schools due to alot of moving and have witnessed this in societies that are opposites. Where ever you go bullying will be a part of any school or social living. I think everyone needs to evaluate this situation much more thouroughly and realize that you need to speak up until your heard. This website provides that type of service through editorials and opinions.  It’s not time to blame the problem and try and shut the case but open the case and be more open minded.