Wheres Our Fight Song???

Jack Corsi

Like everyone else, I am always in attendance for our football team’s matchup against whoever it may be. There is little that bothers me when going to the games, except one thing. When half time comes around, instead of hearing our schools fight song, we have to hear some of the stuff being played on the radio. We hear music played by Lady Gaga, the theme song from The Pirates of the Caribbean and numerous other songs with no relation to our school.

What is the point of hearing songs not related to our school, where is our schools fight song. You may have a better chance of finding our schools fight song on the back of a paper bag instead of our team’s games. I mean as a fan of our football team there really is no pump up song played, there is no rallying cry played.

It may appeal to parents, but not to fans and players of our football team. When I hear those songs, I feel angered and a little embarrassed. Last year I attended the game between Xaverian and Brocton. And let me tell you this, the Brocton band was maybe one of the best school bands I have ever seen. They were completely into the game and played their school’s fight song, as well as doing their renditions of popular colleges fight songs.

Maybe if our school’s band took a page out of Brocton’s book then maybe our fans would be more pumped up. And with the crowds energy then maybe our team could harness

Students and players at our school expressed disinterest and remorse when it came to our bands musical choices. AJ Friday, a senior said “For the last four years, I’ve missed maybe 2 games but the thing that always gets to me is the band. It seems like there always just about the music and not the games.”  Some of the players have also stated that the music our band plays just doesn’t keep them pumped up. Watch our next home game,  and you can be the judge, is our crowd being pumped up by our band.