Hallways are for WALKING

Rachita Chaudhury

If you go to Franklin High that means you’ve experienced the frustration of walking behind a snail while trying to get to class or to your locker or even to your friends.

Most blame the traffic on the huge amount of people in the not big enough hallways. I say it’s those students too busy texting, gossiping, or just looking “swag” that cause us to be late to class or trip over our own feet trying not to bump into them.

I realize no one is in a rush to return to class and there are texts of extreme importance that must be answered, but that does not give you permission to engender a huge line trying to get into A wing.

Walk faster, pull to the side of the hallway to text and don’t worry about looking swag, we can already see your boxers. Junior Scott Benson noted, “I always see people trying to text and get through the halls at the same time and it is annoying”.

Speaking of pulling to the side, the middle of the hallway is not exactly the place to stage a meeting. There are 9 wings here and obviously main hall is busy, but why does B wing lack all floor space every morning? I promise standing closer to the wall will not change the nature of your conversation unless, of course, you are discussing your distance from the wall.

We all have places to be and things to do so please don’t make your place the middle of your hallway and don’t make your thing to do standing or walking at a pace that is practically considered standing.

“There’s no room to overtake the slow walkers because there are a ton of people just standing everywhere!” Andrew Hartnett, sophomore, commented.