Sewage Backup Floods Girls Locker Room

Sarah Chandler

The girls’ locker room suffered a severe septic failure Monday afternoon that resulted in raw sewage being excreted onto the ground. A total of 8 to 10 students who had left belongings on the floor or on the bottom shelf of lockers underwent terminal damage of property which had to be thrown out during the clean up.

Mr.Lima, assistant principle, was taken aback by the blockage saying he had “never experienced something like this since working (here)”. Though the exact reason for the leakage is yet to be determined Mr.Lima emphasizes the fact that this “school is forty years old and the student population has grown” as possible factors.         

J Brian Day, a cleaning company in Plainville was hired to help the janitorial staff with the sewage who “gratefully were able to finish the job before the Tuesday morning” according to Mr.Faenza, Head of facilities.

On the bright side all damaged belongings were insured by the school and the girl’s locker room is cleaner than ever before.

Is the school too old for a group of 1600 high school students? Post your thoughts below.