Lovin’ the New Schedule

Dropping two classes a day and having 3 direct studies a cycle? I’m definitely enjoying the new schedule this year. Although it got off to a very rough start with kids missing some classes or all classes, now that we have finally settled into the new rotation its advantages are becoming more and more obvious.

Teachers for the most part have not been doubling up on homework when aware of a drop day so this has lightened up the daily homework load a little. In addition to this, we have an adequate amount of direct studies to do whatever homework we get. Juniors and seniors have the opportunity to participate in SDLP which, for those of you who don’t know, is a program in which the students can choose do something outside of school during their direct study periods. Such activities can include internships or shadowing a teacher in the school.

This all really sounds great, and not many complaints have been heard. Those complaints are pretty understandable, but the pros outweigh the cons in this situation.

Cons include the freshman having to take P.E., sophomores having to take a full year of health, difficulty with not meeting with every class each day, lack of an 8 minute break, strict direct studies, longer class periods, and just a general confusion for those students who haven’t quite acclimated yet.

I say freshman took P.E. last year so it is not as bad a change as making upperclassmen take P.E..

Next, health is not exactly the highlight of my day, but it only comes twice a cycle so it’s not too bad.

Also, students are not the only ones becoming frustrated with the tricky class schedules because teachers have to plan lessons accordingly. Thus, most teachers although not completely giving, definitely understand the mix up and are willing to meet us halfway every now and then.

Oh a tricky one; 8 minute break was a good time last year and I really do not have much to say as to something that makes up for it. I suppose we are just going to have to tough that one out.

It’s not a choice to ask to go to your locker and instead visit a friend’s class this year during direct study. While this is disappointing, it allows for a lot of work to get done and it is a condition considering the generous amount of direct studies we have.

The clocks just keep getting slower! Classes being ten or fifteen minutes longer has been strenuous on some days, but looking at the big picture, ten to fifteen minutes really is not that much.

Lastly, those of you who have not gotten used to the schedule will get it eventually. Being stubborn about not wanting to understand it probably will not help you out, but if you are open to trying to get the hang of it, you’ll be fine in no time.

Sophomore Julia Birely stated, “I don’t get why people keep complaining, I love the new schedule” as opposed to Sarah Canty who, “can’t stand the longer classes” and said, “It’s so much more difficult getting through a class than last year”.

As long as the transition to the second quarter and then the second term go smoothly, I’ll be able to look back at this year as a good one schedule wise.