Graduation on the Turf?!

catie flaherty

It is sad to think my time at Franklin High School is coming to an end. Within the next 7 months I will be receiving my diploma signifying I have competed 13 years of education. Now all that sounds perfectly fine and exciting, except for the fact that graduation is planned to be held in the field house.

Because our class is so large with extensive amounts of support from all our friends and family, they will be attending graduation as well. It will most likely be standing room only once all the designated chairs are taken. Graduation should be about having everyone see what you have accomplished while walking across the stage and receiving your certificate of such accomplishment. This however is hardly imaginable when your parents struggle to look past the heads of your classmates’ parents and cannot even snap a picture of the winning kodak moment.

Not only is the field house incapable of housing everyone in a comfortable manner, but once June rolls around the temperature inside can feel as if you should be lying on a beach instead of being pushed into a poorly ventilated room. Your parents are forced to basically sit on the laps of strangers and smell the sweat dripping off everyone else’s heated bodies.

The prime option for graduation that should be considered is the football field turf. This is a much larger area and provides prime seating for parents in the bleachers for everyone to have their shining moment of glory. Students will be able to look back on their graduation day as a pleasurable ceremony where no one will be prone to heat stroke or the chance of being missed by a proud parent. Ideally, this would be perfect but there are some setbacks to be considered.

The weather always plays a part in scheduling events outside. Any chance of rain would prompt chaos and only provide the administration with more problems.  I know it’s a stretch to even consider holding graduation on the turf, but we need to look at the positives and see that sitting in an overcrowded, antiquated field house does not provide the proper setting for such a memorable time in the eyes of both the graduating class and the people attending the event.