April Vacation Gone? 1/2 Days on Saturdays?

Alicia Kutil

FHS students, we are all extremely anxious to find out what the deal is for the makeup days. So far this year, we have been EXTREMELY unlucky with snow days…before the snow has even started. With the hurricane in September and the Nor’easter in October, no students are happy about the supposed proposals for making up these days.

Seniors are hoping for the makeup days to be added on to the end of the year…so they don’t have to make it up. Fair enough. Everyone else hopes that it just will not snow ever again.

We did not get to speak directly with the superintendents office, but here’s what the rumors are.

If we do happen to have a lot of snow days this winter, the school year can only extend so much until our precious April Vacation is shortened or we will be seen on our relaxing Saturdays..in school for 1/2 the day. From what I am hearing, a majority of students would rather do a couple Saturday 1/2 days rather than get rid of our April Vacation, however rumor on the street is that a lot of the faculty does not want to go on Saturdays and would rather go during April Vacation. However if we do get rid of April Vacation, that is almost 4 full months of school (March, April, May, June) without any days off, talk about torture.

FHS Junior Ashley Danello says “I would rather go to school during April vacation because I love my Saturdays”.

Right now the last day would be on June 21st, which would be exam makeup day however this is almost sure to change.

So all we can do it wait, and see is mother nature decides to really screw us over. No one wants to go to school late in June, no one wants to go during April Vacation, and no one wants to go on Saturdays. SO, how about we just take a vote to not make these days up at all!?