I Shouldn’t Be In This Class!

Nicole Morelli

“Alright class,tonight’s homework assignment will be to read and note chapter 4 sections 1, 2, and 3, plus the 20 problems from each section. Oh, and it’s due tomorrow and I will be collecting it and grading it as a quiz grade.” Don’t you just love when teachers do this to you? Going off of a personal experience I know what it is like to be in a class you shouldn’t be in, but not because of the difficulty level, but because of the teacher’s teaching style.

Not every student can learn in the same way as everyone else. But that does not mean you belong in a lower level. When you take and Honors class it means that you can comprehend what is being taught to you and you can pick it up and a faster pace.

The problem I ran into is exactly like the example above, my teacher wasn’t even teaching us! At night she would give sections to read and note plus several problems we were meant to be able to decipher and solve all by ourselves. The next day we wouldn’t even review, she would pass out an answer sheet and then move on. I was almost failing the class.

My guidance counselor didn’t do anything! When I approached her about switching classes all she had in response was that student were not allowed to switch classes due to the disliking of a teacher. What she failed to understand was it was not the teacher themselves, but their teaching ways. Even after my counselor’s final understanding she told me she could not help. My only option was to switch down into a CP course.

Now in a CP course I am quite angry. I pass with flying colors and I barely pay attention! We spend days on end reviewing the same thing over and over. In reality all I really needed was someone to explain these things to me in the first place.

When a student visits their guidance counselor they are there for a reason. As long as the student has the evidence to prove it and the grades to back it up, a student she be offered the choice to switch into a class of the same level. To want to switch a class due to the fact that the teacher is teaching them in a way they cannot follow the student should be allowed to switch.