Why I Actually Kind of Hate The Internet

Leah Canonico

It’s come to a point where I honestly don’t think I could survive without the internet. Facebook, Twitter, Email, Youtube, all that jazz. It’s become kind of a staple in everyday life, especially for teens. But thinking about it more and more, I sometimes wish I wasn’t in so deep with the internet. Here are the main 3 reasons why I kind of wish it had never been invented:

It’s addicting…AND bad for you. Just like your favorite candy or snack (it’s Sun-chips for me), you know how unhealthy it is for you, but you just. can’t. stop. In reality, how healthy is staring at a computer screen (for your eyes and your social life) for hours…and hours….and hours? You know you got it bad when you feel the urge to tweet about 95% of your daily happenings, or ponder about what your next Facebook status should be. The internet is not only a gross waste of time, but it’s a huge distraction. I mean, who would rather write that English essay when you can watch Marcel the Shell or David After Dentist (which will inevitably  lead to more hilarious and adorable Youtube videos)? It’s the ultimate catalyst for procrastination, but it’s so addicting you just can’t bear to X out of Facebook (what if you miss a break up or a fight?! what will you tweet about then?!?).

It allows creepy/annoying people to invade your personal life. Facebook stalking has become an acceptable term in our society. Isn’t that saying something? It’s deemed as normal to “creep” (<—-also an acceptable term when referencing Facebook) on someone’s pictures that you hardly even know. Weird? Most definitely, but somehow we just ignore that. Not to mention that you don’t actually have to have met a person or even be remotely friendly with them to be “friends” on Facebook. All those people out there with 1000+ friends, have you actually spoken to all those people? Well guess what, by accepting their friend requests, you just allowed them access to your daily life whether you like it or not. The internet has made it possible for every annoying, obnoxious and downright creepy person to get in touch with you at the click of a mouse.

It’s constantly malfunctioning. It seems like there’s always something wrong with the internet. I know at school, the computers are PAINFULLY slow. I don’t know about anyone else, but trying to get work done on a school computer is almost impossible, it’s too frustrating. And sometimes, even when I’m at home on my laptop, the one page I’m trying to access is down, right when my life depends on it. Also, the cost of fixing broken laptops or computers will burn a hole in your pocket.