Timeless Treats of the Holidays!

catie flaherty

It seems as if the holidays always bring people together. During these gathering there are typically gifts, casual conversation, and recapping of the previous year. But what cannot be forgotten about during the holidays are the special foods that are only found during this time of the year. People celebrate each special day typically with a feast of these treats and enjoy the warm company while savoring each of the favorite novelties.

1. Gingerbread; We have all made them. Those little gingerbread houses made out of the milk cartons found in the cafeteria in the midst of our cheery elementary classrooms. But now that we have grown up, maybe, it is time to take our gingerbread skills to a higher level. Gingerbread cookies are timeless and can be decorated using any small candies or frosting. They are cute in nature, but even better to eat!

2. Candy Canes; Anything peppermint is festive around the holidays. Candy canes are a simple treat that can be bought in tons of varieties other than the classic peppermint flavor. For an added touch of peppermint try adding it to hot chocolate or coffee for an extra punch of holiday spirit. My personal favorite treat using candy canes is making peppermint bark. This is a simple but delicious holiday candy that has a layer of milk chocolate, white chocolate, and a sprinkled topping of crushed candy cane.

3. Eggnog; Either you like it or you hate it. But this tasty drink is only found in the shelves of supermarkets during the holiday season. It’s a common novelty of the year that is typically served at holiday gatherings for those who enjoy the creamy, vanilla drink.

4. Cut- Out Sugar Cookies; An fun treat to make on a lazy Saturday with friends. Sugar cookies are also a simple gift to give to someone if you are lacking an idea or do not want to spend money on a material object. Add sprinkles, frosting, or one’s favorite candy to make the gift more personal and appetizing.

5. Fruitcake; The food we all love to hate. Typically, there’s always one brought by a distant relative who feels obligated to bring something to the dinner table. Although this is a nice gesture, no one eats it because it is a densely packed cake with unfavorable fruits no one enjoys. Not a favorite my many, but this classic treat needs to be present in order to celebrate the holiday season wholly.

What's YOUR favorite holiday treat?


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