Disgrace at Dean

Karley Newton

Would you beat someone to the ground over a pair of shoes? Apparently, students at Dean College would, and did, on Friday afternoon.

A video was released on Friday night that has since gone viral, and was featured on channels four, five, and seven, during the eleven o’clock news on Monday night. The film shows a student run up to another Dean attendee, and knock him out in one punch, while others stand around laughing. The student then takes the shoes off of his victim, and continues to beat him with them.

“We did suspend the perpetrator on Friday,” college spokesman Gregory Chalk said, adding that more students were suspended yesterday, but he wasn’t sure how many. “We’re working with the Franklin Police to determine each step … of the incident.”

Having the incident take place in the middle of our town is disgraceful and embarrassing, especially because the students who were involved in the fight did not necessary grow up in Franklin. This leaves people who actually live in the town, like the FHS students, to take the blame for something they did not even have a part in.

Now, because of the actions of a small group of college students, the entire town of Franklin is currently subject to national scrutiny, and internet fame. All of this drama over a simple pair of shoes.