2011; What Happened?

catie flaherty

This weekend we warmly welcomed the new year, 2012, by celebrating and putting a hopeful face on when looking forward to the upcoming year. But, before moving on one should reflect on the past events. So, what actually happened in 2011 that was memorable and should not be forgotten?

Let’s walk through the year by looking at what events occurred during each month.

January- Gabrielle Giffords, US Representative, is shot in a Tucson, Arizona shooting that killed six other people involved. Protests erupt in Egypt regarding the upheaval of President Hosni Mubarack from power.

February- Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL Superbowl.

March- Japan is hit by a 9.0 rated earthquake followed by an aggressive tsunami wave. This results in the death in upwards of 20,000 people and severe damages to the recovering country.

April- Wedding bells rang out for the entire world to hear when Prince William and Kate Middleton tied the knot at the beginning of the month.

May- The number one most wanted was captured, Osama Bin Laden, bringing happiness to Americans everywhere. Dominique  Strauss- Kahn, head of the International Monetary Fund is charged with sexually assaulting a hotel maid in NYC.

June- Oprah Winfrey‘s 25- year run talk show airs its final episode.  Massachusetts own, Mitt Romney, announces he will be running in the 2012 presidential race for the republican position. Dallas Mavericks win their first NBA title over the Miami Heat.

July- Casey Anthony, a tried murdered was claimed innocent in the murder case of her daughter, Caylee Anthony, sending angry shock waves through the American public. Arnold Schwarzenegger is exposed to having a love child with a member of his house staff resulting in divorce with his wife of 25 years, Maria Shriver. The final Harry Potter movie in the saga is released in theaters.

August- Hurricane Irene rocks the east coast resulting in extensive power outages and property damage. Presidential republican hopeful, Michelle Bachmann wins the Iowa straw poll.

September- The Occupy Wall Street Movement kicks off in New York City and rapidly spreads to other areas of the country protesting against government actions. The tenth anniversary of the 9/11 terrorists attacks are honored and remembered. The “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” military policy regarding gays is revoked.

October- This month welcomed the introduction of the ever- popular iPhone 4S but was accompanied by the tragic death of apple CEO, Steve Jobs. Muammar Gaddafi passed away midst a civil war  as a dictatorial leader of Libya. Amanda Knox is freed after being tried in Italian court for the suspected stabbing of her roommate.

November- Joe Paterno, Head Football Coach at Penn State University is fired for his actions handling a child sex scandal by Jerry Sandusky.

December- After nine years of fighting, President Barack Obama announces the war in Iraq has officially ended and begins to bring American troops home. Herman Cain drops out of the presidential election due to suspected sexual allegations.

 What was your favorite “news-worthy” memory from 2011?